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Software-controlled DMX controller

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DMX controller,
consisting of DMX controller software and USB DMX converter box.
With galvanic isolation between USB input and DMX output.
Features of controller software:
  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface
  • 510 DMX control channels
  • 42 operating levels with 12 channel faders each + 1 level with 6 channel faders for adjusting the DMX parameters, 1 flash button for each channel fader
  • 1 master fader, can be assigned to each channel as desired
  • 500 programmable scenes can be stored per block
  • Different scene blocks can be combined
  • Stored scenes can also be activated via keyboard
  • Music-controlled via sound card
  • Function keys can be occupied with scenes and sequences (10 levels x 12)
  • Automatic run of 4 parallel sequences with up to 500 scenes each
  • Any number of groups can be stored with up to 60 channels each
  • Synchronous groups can be created
  • LED PAR colour control
  • Individual stage background can be created with unit icons
  • Blackout function
  • Channel inversion
  • Macro function for automatically generating figures (circle, eight, spiral lines, etc.) with the facility of 8 parallel macro runs
  • Libraries can be created for DMX devices, a library is available containing every DMX device from IMG STAGELINE
  • German, English, French and Spanish version
Specifications controller box:
  • 510 DMX channels
  • Connections: 1 x USB type B, 1 x 3-pole XLR, 1 x 5-pole XLR, 1 x low-voltage jack
  • Dimensions: 115 x 103 x 40 mm, weight: 250 g
  • Power is provided via enclosed plug-in power supply
Scope of delivery:
  • DMX converter box
  • Program CD with controller software and USB installation routine (with instructions on the CD)
  • Plug-in power supply
  • USB cable
System requirements:
IBM-compatible PC (Pentium 1 GHz or higher), 512 MB RAM, 20 MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM, USB port (USB 1.1 or higher), Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
When using no-name DMX products, it is recommended to use DMX-510USB with galvanic isolation of the input and output in order to prevent damage to the computer in case a fault occurs.

Description: DMX controller
DMX interface: DMX512
No. of DMX channels: 510
No. of DMX outputs: 1
No. of channel faders: 510
Master fader: 1
No. of scenes: 500
Galvanic isolation: yes
Blackout function: yes
Music-controlled: via sound card
Special features: control via software
USB: yes
Power supply: encl. plug-in power supply
Dimensions: 115 x 40 x 103 mm
Width: 115 mm
Height: 40 mm
Depth: 103 mm
Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
Weight: 250 g
Connections: 1 x 3-pole XLR, 1 x 5-pole XLR (DMX out),1 x USB Type-B


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Img-Stage Line DMX-510USB

Img-Stage Line DMX-510USB

Software-controlled DMX controller

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