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Monacor MR-106DJ


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Flight case, 6 RS (vert.), 10 RS (hor.)

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Flight case, 6 RS (vert.), 10 RS (hor.),
with vertical profile rails for inserting 482 mm (19") devices. Suitable for devices with a maximum depth of 480 mm.
Horizontal and slightly upward tilted mounting rails for 482 mm (19") top-operated devices, e.g. mixers.
  • Multilayer multiplex wood, black laminated
  • Aluminium profile edges
  • Chromium-plated ball protection corners, reinforcing angles
  • Butterfly locks and recessed drop handles
  • Supplied with cage nuts

Supplied w/o devices.

Intended use/capacity: fligh case
Size: 482 mm (19")
Rack spaces, RS: 6 vertical, 10 horizontal
Colour: black
Material: multilayer multiplex wood
Mounting accessories: 32 cage nuts
Inside dimensions: 520 x 390 x 590 mm
Usable depth: 480 mm
Width: 550 mm
Height: 440 mm
Depth: 640 mm
Weight: 16.82 kg


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Monacor MR-106DJ

Monacor MR-106DJ

Flight case, 6 RS (vert.), 10 RS (hor.)

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