MXR Patch Cable Jar, 20 pcs. Zobraziť väčšie

MXR Patch Cable Jar, 20 pcs.


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These 15 cm (6) patch cables are MXR-approved for clean, pure tone. They feature oxygen-free copper conductors and spiral shields to block unwanted interference, PVC outer jackets for flexibility and protection, and flat, low-profile right-angle ends to keep your pedalboard tight and tidy. Trust MXR to patch you through.

- sales display with 50 pieces 15 cm MXR Flat Patch Cables- flexible flat patch cables- compact angled plugs- low capacitance for clear tone- oxygen-free copper conductors- spiral shielding- outer PVC insulation- angled 6.3 mm mono audio metal pancake plugs- black- length 15 cm (6)- 4 Years W-Music Distribution Warranty (product registration required)


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MXR Patch Cable Jar, 20 pcs.

MXR Patch Cable Jar, 20 pcs.

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