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aktivní subbas-bandpass 1000/2000W

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Aktivní subwoofer 1x18" 1000W, 48kg

The TTS18-A is a very high output, compact, bandpass subwoofer. Ideal in combination with TT+ 2 way systems or used in multiples for very flexible touring solutions.

Superior woofers
RCF LF18N401: incredibly linear frequency response characteristics, the highest power handling of any comparable 18-inch neodymium transducer, the lower power compression. Fibre loaded cone assembly along with a high excursion triple roll, constant geometry surround. This combination provides remarkable strength and a peak to peak maximum excursion of 48 mm.

A fully optimised T-pole design generate the minimum amount of flux modulation, the unique dual-forced air venting system guarantee a very efficient voice coil ventilation for minimum power compression and higher power handling.

Massive power On our subwoofers each single transducer is independently driven from a 1 kilowatt RMS amplifier providing an incredible performance and amount of sound power from a very compact size.
Flexible controls Power amplifiers are driven from a very accurate analog input board: perfect linearity and audio quality, soft peak limiter, rms limiter. Many crossovers and operation options are available: extreme low frequency high pass, phase inversion, 80 Hz and 110 Hz crossover, adding mode crossover for maximum punch of the system.

- High power full neodymium 18” transducer
- 1000 watt power switching amplifier

aktivní: ano
pasivní: ne
biamp: ne
triamp: ne
výkon RMS s vestavěným zesilovačem: 1 000 W
maximální SPL s vestavěným zesilovačem: 136 dB
rozsah -6 dB: 35-120 Hz
LF - rozměr: 18 "
rozměry: 700×520×860 mm
hmotnost: 48,0 kg


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aktivní subbas-bandpass 1000/2000W

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